Lephate Cunningham III

NYC Based Performer

Lemme At That Retail


22 has been my favorite age...hands down. So much has happened in the past year - graduating from Rider, living at home, and then abruptly moving! Living in New York City for the past 8 months has been the best experience. A lot of that has to do with SoulCycle. I'm at my happiest when I'm tapping it back or handing you shoes from behind the desk ... seriously.

So, when we get new retail, I just HAPPEN to be working during the delivery. Retail photo shoots for our studio are necessary, and I always jump on the opportunity to put it on and model it out.

It was freezing this day, and I was also barefoot outside, but I love this picture! Not only is it the 46 Street staff trying to be all cute and pose, but our positive energy definitely represents the energy of the studio AKA our home! I didn't actually buy what I'm wearing in the photo, but the more I look at it THE MORE I WANT IT.